Aerial Drone Photography - PhotoGrants


Indelible Drone Services

-Single point of interest:

40 minutes of flight time, high resolution still images and up to one minute (single pass editing) 4k video.  $298  ( plus sales tax )

 - additional hours same visit $79 per hour

 - 1st Hour: $225 ( plus sales tax ) 

additional hours same visit $79 per hour

 - Custom quotes for detailed jobs

 - Discounts available for repeat and multiple site visit clients

 - Raw 4k video editing - $100 per finished minute

 - Raw image editing $40 plus $1 per image

(editing prices do not include shooting sessions)

 - Inspections: towers, farms, roofs, buildings, over water, trees, bridges...

 - Commercial: advertisements, sales, training, inventory, process...

 - Construction: before during and after a construction project.  Keep up to date on what your  job sites look like while they are in progress.  There are also great ways to use the aerial data to better your engineering department and assist in time management.

- Cinematography:  Video for advertisements on social media, TV, training material and sales.

 - Real estate: need or want aerial views of the exterior of properties, commercial or residential?  This is especially useful when there is acreage involved.

 - Personal: wedding, events, hunting, vacations, activities or home projects.

  Take advantage of air superiority in business and personal interests saving time and money.

All flights are insured and flown by an FAA certified UAS Pilot.


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